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Presentations about LISC Programs

LISC staff members often make presentations about their work. Here is a sampling of the documentation.

Taking the Next Steps on Our Broadband Journey

Program Officer Dionne Baux presented to the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition in Washington, D.C. on May 7, 2014, explaining how LISC Chicago is continuing to support development of digital skills and improved internet access. The work comes after years of successful work on the Smart Communities program, which produced a statistically significant increase in internet usage in the target communities. See the presentation.

Analysis Shows Less Crime around B-Ball Tourney

Can a weekly basketball tournament help reduce crime on the surrounding blocks? That's the question asked by Breakthrough Urban Ministries, which since 2009 has been organizing the summer Home Court series in East Garfield Park. The program brings big crowds of youth and adults to St. Louis Park one night a week – and smaller groups for informal practices throughout the week. 

A LISC Chicago analysis of crime data on the adjacent blocks of Carroll Avenue and St. Louis Avenue, using five years of data from the City of Chicago data portal, found that crime on those blocks has fallen every year since the tournament began, even in the months when the games were not taking place.

Further analysis using the new mapping tool, developed by local civic hacker Eric van Zanten, found that some crime hot spots may have simply moved a block or two away, to nearby Central Park and Drave Avenue. View the presentation.

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Stay up to date with the the latest news and events related to LISC Chicago.


Stay up to date with the the latest news and events related to LISC Chicago.




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