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Mooney Named Interim City Department Chief

Mayor Daley on Nov. 19 appointed Andrew J. Mooney as interim head of the city’s new Department of Housing and Economic Development, which will be formed through the consolidation of the city’s Department of Community Development and the Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning as of January 1, 2011.

Mooney will take a leave of absence from LISC/Chicago and assume his interim role on Dec. 1.

Mooney, 58, currently serves as the executive director of LISC/Chicago and is also the managing director of the National Institute for Comprehensive Community Development.

“Andy Mooney has dedicated his career to the area of community development and has the leadership and management experience to oversee this consolidation and ensure coordination and improve efficiency,” Daley said.

The new department will align the housing, economic development, zoning and land use planning functions within the City of Chicago. By having all such functions housed under one roof, the new department will provide a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to development in our neighborhoods.

Mooney joined LISC/Chicago in 1996 and through his leadership it has become one of the nation’s leading community development agencies.  During his time at LISC/Chicago, Mooney has raised funds to invest in the city’s neighborhoods, through the development of housing, commercial space, and numerous community facilities that include health and day care centers, parks and recreational facilities – and leveraging over $3.5 billion in total investment. 

Before joining LISC/Chicago, Mooney served as executive director and chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority, managed the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce and started a consulting firm focused on urban economic development, housing and labor issues.  

Mooney is taking a temporary leave of absence from his current position at LISC/Chicago to serve in this capacity. He will begin work at the city on December 1, 2010 and will start to direct plans for the consolidation in order to ensure a smooth integration of the two departments by the first of the year. 
Mooney graduated from Notre Dame and received a master's degree from the University of Chicago, where he was a Danforth Fellow.

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