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What They're Saying

Here is a small sampling of suggestions and observations by residents and stakeholders who participated in a recent series of Near North Unity Program meetings on how to close the divide between owners and renters.

Carol Steele, president, Cabrini-Green tenants Local Advisory Council

“Folks have to realize we’re paying our fair share … what we can afford. I say live and let live. That’s what people have to start doing. We’re all in this together and have to stop stereotyping.”

Justice Stamps, director of the Marian Stamps Youth Center
“Somebody reneged somewhere along the line. The promise was made to tenants that we’re going to treat you, and we’re going to equip you. with various skills … so you’re going to feel like a homeowner.”  

 Linda Carroll, 27th Ward office

“I love this community through and through. But we in the condominiums have rules, too. I wanted to paint my walls the color I wanted, but it wasn’t OK with the rules of the condo.”

 Debbie Gussman, condo owner

“We just moved in last month and I have to say I’ve only had a wonderful experience at Parkside. I love the people. I exchanged phone numbers with my neighbors.  o if there’s a problem with my baby or my dog, just call me. We should be able to handle these things amongst one another. You start by talking to one another.”

 Kendra Jackson, executive director, Holsten Human Capital Development

“We’ve talked about having farmers’ markets. We’re talking about a holiday party or concert … things where people can have a reason to get together.”

Nate Anderson, Parkside condo owner, with Kevin Taylor, whom he works with at Moody’s GRIP Outreach program for youth.

“There are some challenges that residents, both old and new, are facing. But I think there’s hope for living together in a new, transformed community.”

 Mrs. Franklin, CHA tenant

“We didn’t have no problem putting dog parks out here, so let’s do something for the people … someplace to go for entertainment so we don’t have to be out on the street, making y’all uncomfortable.” 

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