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LISC Chicago invests strategically throughout the metro area to foster healthier communities. 

Quality, diverse housing choices are critical to community and household stability. LISC helped partners aggressively respond to the foreclosure crisis to keep homeowners and renters in their homes, and to reoccupy vacant buildings.

The Chicago office provides support for the preservation and development of affordable housing in a variety of ways, including predevelopment, bridge, and construction loans for affordable rental housing, and project initiation loans to support early-on costs for feasibility and predevelopment for residential housing.

For more information about LISC's housing-related work, contact Barb Beck, director of financial services and underwriting, or Jake Ament, program officer.

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Quad at 10, Looking Forward and Back
Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC), which has played a major role reshaping the Mid South Side, is celebrating its 10 anniversary this week.
Worth the Wait: Hispanic Housing’s North & Talman
Affordable apartments in some converted buildings on West North Avenue in the Humboldt Park neighborhood were a long time coming, and for good reason. See what took so long.
Viceroy Hotel Gets New Life
The former Viceroy Hotel on Chicago's Near West Side has been transformed into an 89-unit affordable apartment building, thus preserving a landmarked structure and providing shelter to people who…
Fired Up, Ready to Go: LISC Chicago’s Neighborhood Network
In the complex business of urban community development, no vehicle matches the leverage and impact of every dollar invested quite like LISC Chicago.
A Micro-Market Miracle on Central Park?
Finding and financing “good buyers” is key to saving thousands of abandoned houses in the wake of the foreclosure fiasco
New Pillars Lend Support to Woodlawn Renewal
Woodlawn is rising again … though the challenges, like gravity, seem never to go away. Its comeback slowed by the Great Recession, its people saddened by the death of a beloved leader, the…
SWOP receives $750,000 MacArthur award
The Southwest Organizing Project, LISC Chicago’s New Communities Program lead agency in Chicago Lawn, has received a $750,000 award from the MacArthur Foundation in recognition of its efforts…
CNDA 2013: Getting Engaged, Healthy and Strong
The 19th annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards honored and highlighted a variety of projects throughout the city.
New South Side Plan: From Vacant Land to “Productive Landscapes”
Citizens, planners across eight communities envision community gardens, "pocket" parks, 30-block hiking trail and other features in neighborhoods with vacant land and few signs of major development.
Setting Anchors in Pullman, Roseland
Super Walmart, Kroc Community Center and restored historic district redefine South Side neighborhoods
Moving Closer to Unity in Near North
It's still sometimes edgy, but disparate voices in the former Cabrini Green neighborhood are gradually finding common ground
Neighborhood Recovery, One Building at a Time
Chicago’s Micro-Market Recovery Program taps CIC, NHS and LISC’s local network to help neighborhoods fight foreclosure blight
At Last, Bronzeville’s 'Alleluia'
Study in perseverance: Quad Communities’ seven-year struggle brings retail back to a key corner of Chicago’s South Side
Mayor Hails First Fruit of Foreclosure Fight
Rahm Emanuel tours West Humboldt rehab and explains the city’s Micro-Market approach
Closing a Condo-Cabrini Chasm
Near North condo owners and CHA tenants get real about building a viable mixed-income community--and that means putting some underlying tensions on the table.
"Yard" Work Rewarded in Uptown
Doing mixed-use redevelopment in a less-than-affluent city neighborhood is never easy. Most often it’s downright difficult. And then there’s Uptown’s Wilson Yard.
$55 Million to Stabilize Foreclosure Hotspots
Twenty-five South and West Side communities burdened with boarded-up buildings will be the target of a sweeping new federally-funded program to buy and rehabilitate more than 2,000 foreclosed and…
Auburn Gresham Responds to Foreclosures
Auburn Gresham responds to foreclosures.
Foreclosures Spike; Communities Respond
Many of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the wave of foreclosures now sweeping Chicago are NCP neighborhoods. That's the bad news. But in another sense, it's also the good news.
MacArthur Commits $68M to Combat Foreclosures
To help combat the growing lending crisis and the rise of foreclosures in Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation is investing $68 million in grants and low-interest loans in foreclosure prevention and…
GADC Hosts Citywide Foreclosure Briefing
Neighborhoods react to foreclosure crisis.

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