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East Garfield Park

East Garfield Park is a mostly low-income, African-American community on Chicago's West Side. The local business sector was devastated and significant amounts of its population fled after the 1968 riots, but the neighborhood has shown significant signs of improvement since then. Slowly, the blocks surrounding Garfield Park and its noted observatory are showing signs of life, with renovated houses and new businesses. Garfield Park Community Council, the lead agency, has established the Building a Better Kedzie program, which is creating additional active and safe open spaces along the Kedzie Avenue business corridor and encouraging the growth of retail businesses. The Council is also expanding the newly-created Garfield Park Business Alliance and its impact on the local economy. See the 2005 Quality-of-Life Plan.

The East Garfield Park Community Area


Population (2010) 26,054 down 2% from 2000
Racial/ethnic makeup (2010) 90% African American  


Total occupied units (2010) 8,206 down 3% from 2000
Owner occupied units (2010) 2,633 up 125 units from 2000


Median household income (2010) $34,365 up 33% from 2000
Percentage above $50,000 32% 16% above $75,000
Long-Term Engagement
LISC workshop explores how to keep growing and using the power of community organizing after plans are done and the implementation begins.
Big Data + Large Lots = Fast Start for City Program
Innovative website and partnership with Chicago Public Libraries help City of Chicago extend $1 sale of vacant lots to East Garfield Park
Neighborhoods Beckon with Summer Activities
Basketball, jazz and family play bring people together and build community in safe, healthy environments
Youth Build Paths Away from Violence
Reducing the violence that cuts across so many Chicago neighborhoods will require multiple strategies, but at least one element was strengthened this year in Auburn Gresham and other neighborhoods…
Neighborhood Focus for 2013 Artists Month
Chicago neighborhoods will put their arts and culture on display in October as Chicago rolls out its 18 th annual Chicago Artists Month (CAM), which will feature individual artists and organizations…
Crowdfunding for Community Development? Yes Indeed
World Business Chicago is excited about the potential of the Kickstarter website to “catalyze reinvestment, grow small businesses and spur employment growth.”
A Micro-Market Miracle on Central Park?
Finding and financing “good buyers” is key to saving thousands of abandoned houses in the wake of the foreclosure fiasco
Garfield Council Aims for Safer Kedzie
Testing the model: transit-oriented development only works where shoppers feel secure
Garfield Park Hoop House Promotes Healthy Food, Living
With support from the Kraft Foods Foundation, LISC/Chicago has worked with 10 neighborhoods this summer to promote urban gardens and encourage more residents to use farmers markets. In East Garfield…
Hundreds Hit the Courts for Hoops in the Hood
The 2010 Hoops in the Hood Cross-City Tournament winners for the Major Division from East Garfield also won a victory for their neighborhood, for the spirit of teamwork, and for safe streets.

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