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Logan Square

Logan Square is in some ways unique among neighborhoods LISC typically works in. It wasn't devastated by racial turnover and disinvestment in the post-World War II years and did not suffer huge losses of population and housing.

In this historic mid-North Side haven of the middle class, urban change has taken a different form: Rapid in-migration of Hispanic-American families during the 80s and early 90s, followed now by a wave of upscale redevelopment that is moving west from Lincoln Park. That wave is displacing hundreds of low- and moderate-income families, as the median sale price of housing rose from $235,000 in early 2001 to $325,000 by late 2004.

That trended cooled during the Great Recession of 2008, but the march of gentrification continues. East of California Avenue, tidy brick two-flats and ma-and-pa storefronts are yielding to townhouse complexes and condo mini-towers boasting Jacuzzi baths and terrazzo kitchens.

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association, the lead agency, has been a longstanding supporter of keeping the community healthy and inviting for people from all walks of life. See the 2005 Quality-of-Life Plan.

Logan Square Community Area


Population (2010) 84,165 up less than 1% from 2000
Racial/ethnic makeup (2010) 50% Latino, 41% white, 4% African American  


Total occupied units (2010) 29,520 up less than 1% from 2000
Owned housing units (2010) 10,517 up 15% from 2000


Median household income (2010) $49,270 up 29% from 2000
Percentage above $50,000 (2010) 47% 28% above $75,000
Hit the Trail? Neighbors Aim to Stay Near 'The 606'
Everybody loves The 606. But conversion of the old rail track into a popular walking/cycling path is having unintended consequences for some long-time residents.
Long-Term Engagement
LISC workshop explores how to keep growing and using the power of community organizing after plans are done and the implementation begins.
Ribbon Cutting for ‘Little Heaven’ on Armitage
Community leaders and public officials celebrated the official opening of Zapata Apartments on April 24.
Planned and Delivered: Long March to Zapata Apts.
After seven years and many challenges, partners Bickerdike and Logan Square Neighborhood Assn. celebrate 61 new apartments along Armitage Avenue.
College Planning Starts in Middle School
Middle school isn’t too soon to start thinking about college. That was the message of Ames Middle School’s first annual College and Career Day, open to all Logan Square parents and…
Crowdfunding for Community Development? Yes Indeed
World Business Chicago is excited about the potential of the Kickstarter website to “catalyze reinvestment, grow small businesses and spur employment growth.”
Treasury Official: Chicago “At Forefront” of Development Efforts
Senior federal appointee says LISC-supported projects like Rosa Parks Apartments, Green Exchange showcase what's gained by maintaining federal funding for community development.
LSNA Celebrates a Half-Century of Achievement
Veteran community group honors holistic planning, advances new campaigns for affordable housing and stronger schools.
Green Exchange Gets it Right
From early grassroots support to high-tech innovation, LISC Chicago helped put together a national model for local economic revival
The Bloomingdale Trail: It Takes a Village to Make a Park
The Bloomingdale Trail, an abandoned 2.7-mile railroad embankment that runs through four neighborhoods – Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Wicker Park and Bucktown – is being converted into a…
Connecting the Dots: How Community Planning and Organizing Gave New Life to an Old Factory
The Green Exchange, on West Diversey Avenue, is a classic example of how community planning and organizing determined the best use for a former lamp factory on West Diversey Avenue - even when…
Raising Up Teachers in Your Backyard
'Grow Your Own' grads can tell students: “I went to this school. I sat in your seat.”
Chicago Elev8 Stories: Lessons Don't Stop at Graduation
The first group of students who completed Elev8 programming in middle school have now entered high school. Here are some of their stories.
Chicago Elev8 Stories: Vanessa Perez
In middle school, Vanessa Perez didn't even know she had leadership qualites. Elev8 changed that.
Renewed Funding--and New Achievements--for Elev8
Atlantic Philanthropies announces a new $3.5 million grant to expand the program and study its impact at five CPS middle schools.
Ames Parent Mentors ‘Enhancement to Everything’
Twenty of them volunteer or work for modest wages at a variety of jobs through Logan Square Neighborhood Association's Parent Mentor Program.
Elev8 School-Based Health Centers Boost Attendance, Academic Achievement
Students at the five middle schools in LISC/Chicago's Elev8 program are also benefiting in a multitude of ways related to health and social services.
Students to Springfield: More $ for Health Services
Sixty students from Ames Middle and Reavis Elementary recently boarded a yellow bus bound for Springfield to lobby for more school health centers.
Sex Ed: Schools Step Up, Parents Get a Break
On a winter afternoon at Ames Middle School in Logan Square, Aisha Jean-Baptiste tells her sex education class to count off by threes. After reviewing a list of sexual behaviors posted on the board,…
Peace Circles Cool Tension, Warm Relationships
On an August afternoon at Ames Middle School, 15 students pulled their classroom chairs into a tight circle. One 8th-grader began the conversation, holding a microphone in her lap. The microphone…

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