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Just three miles from downtown, Pilsen has been a port-of-entry community for more than 130 years. Today it is a primary gateway for Mexican-Americans, with a population that is 78 percent Latino.

Packed tight with modest cottages and brick two-flats, and flanked by a strong industrial district, the community was home to 47,352 people in 2010.

The eastern section of Pilsen has attracted been home to artists and galleries for more than 20 years. This arts district, along with the expansion of the nearby University of Illinois at Chicago, has brought the first signs of gentrification into Pilsen.

Property values and rents have risen in recent years and there is a greater choice of housing at the high end of the market. As middle- to higher-income Latinos and whites move in, some working-class Mexican-Americans report they’re finding it harder to stay due to the higher rents. Many of the projects detailed in Pilsen's 2006 Quality-of-Life Plan are now coming to fruition. The Resurrection Project, the neighborhood's lead agency, is one of the city's strongest community development corporations.

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Population (2010) 47,352 up 1% from 2000
Racial/ethnic makeup (2010) 78% Latino, 14% white, 3% African American  


Total occupied units (2010) 13,948 up 2% from 2000
Owner occupied units (2010) 4,465 up 19% from 2000


Median household income (2010)  $36,154  up 24% from 2000
 Percentage above $50,000  30%  15% above $75,000
Casa Queretaro, Lake Village East among Winners of Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards
Casa Queretaro in Pilsen to receive first place for the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design at the upcoming 24 th Annual CNDA.
Data Processing: Know Your Neighborhood
LISC is helping community organizations get a grip on municipal data to make the case for what their neighborhoods need.
Long-Term Engagement
LISC workshop explores how to keep growing and using the power of community organizing after plans are done and the implementation begins.
Trainings Help Business Owners Up Their Game
Graduates of an entrepreneurship program in Pilsen learn from experts and put lessons to work in their stores, restaurants and other local businesses.
TRP Plans 45 Apartments at 17th and Damen
The Resurrection Project will build 45 units of affordable family housing on a former silo yard near Orozco Community Academy. The development will be named Casa Querétaro.
Portals Project: Add More Community Voices
A new curriculum is helping residents in several neighborhoods learn the ropes of writing, editing and posting stories on web portals that were designed through LISC Chicago's Smart Communities…
Neighborhoods Apply 'Civic Tech' for Local Gains
Tech efforts are popping up all across LISC’s neighborhood network as community groups take small but important steps into the high-tech world.
Neighborhood Focus for 2013 Artists Month
Chicago neighborhoods will put their arts and culture on display in October as Chicago rolls out its 18 th annual Chicago Artists Month (CAM), which will feature individual artists and organizations…
Buying In to SSAs
Special Service Areas can be a tough sell, but the districts LISC helps create have proven a welcome boost to local business strips.
Knight Foundation Funds 'Bilingual Bridges' for Open Gov
The Knight Foundation awarded a grant to LISC Chicago to support resident engagement in Pilsen and Englewood that will better connect neighborhoods to Chicago's open gov and civic hacking communities.
Crowdfunding for Community Development? Yes Indeed
World Business Chicago is excited about the potential of the Kickstarter website to “catalyze reinvestment, grow small businesses and spur employment growth.”
A Safe Place to Play
Health and fitness are significant issues in neighborhoods throughout the city, rich and poor alike. In Pilsen, Little Village, Brighton Park, Woodlawn, Chicago Lawn and South Chicago, neighborhood…
For An Instant, City Streets Become Neighborhood Playgrounds
PlayStreets periodically closes off streets in Pilsen, Little Village, Brighton Park, Woodlawn, Chicago Lawn and South Chicago to provide safe, supervised space with organized sports, fitness and…
Groupon, Community Developers, Seek Common Ground
Groupon, the online daily deal purveyor, is itching to expand its relationship with businesses throughout Chicago. At LISC Chicago, Groupon representatives recently met with economic development…
LISC Network Delivers for Healthy Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is tapping directly into LISC’s network of neighborhood groups for ideas on how to advance his administration’s ambitious Healthy Chicago agenda. On June 12, that…
Orozco Students Explore Heart of the Matter
They're enjoying the (very) hands-on approach of Alivio Medical Center's Health Careers Enrichment Program, which is being offered as afterschool activity through the Elev8 program.
New Crew of Techies Graduates in Pilsen
Fifteen mothers of Cooper Elementary students and five other Pilsen residents received certificates and a gift flash drive holder at the ceremony for Civic 2.0, which teaches team how to use the…
Smart Communities Teams Host D.C. Delegation
Two crowded rooms and plenty of stories provided a vivid picture of Chicago’s Smart Communities Program for a Washington, D.C., delegation checking up on the federally funded effort.
Lourdes Jaramillo Sews Orozco's Fabric
Her sewing class for moms has encouraged many students to become more involved in other aspects of the school—and to get to know one another.
Programs Bring Harvest of Locally Grown Food
During the second five years of its New Communities Program and through other programs like Elev8, LISC/Chicago has redoubled its commitment to efforts that bring healthier, more diverse…
Elev8 School-Based Health Centers Boost Attendance, Academic Achievement
Students at the five middle schools in LISC/Chicago's Elev8 program are also benefiting in a multitude of ways related to health and social services.
Digital Summer Program Graduates First Class
DYSJ provided an opportunity for youth in the five Chicago Smart Communities to obtain work experience through internship opportunities at businesses, governmental agencies and not-for-profit…
Digital, Funding Programs Boost Neighborhoods
LISC/Chicago’s expertise in neighborhood redevelopment was acknowledged this summer by the award of two significant federal grants that will help community residents stay afloat in the…
Hundreds Hit the Courts for Hoops in the Hood
The 2010 Hoops in the Hood Cross-City Tournament winners for the Major Division from East Garfield also won a victory for their neighborhood, for the spirit of teamwork, and for safe streets.

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