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Washington Park

For a neighborhood just minutes from downtown that has a large stock of beautiful old mansions and one of Chicago's most famous parks, Washington Park has long been overlooked by businesses and real estate developers. Its population has fallen precipitously as residents left in search of more opportunity, leaving vacant lots and boarded up buildings.

But don't count out Washington Park. The adjacent park was chosen for the site of a future Olympic stadium as part of Chicago's failed 2016 Olympic bid. Even though the Olympics were recently awarded to Rio de Janeiro, some have argued that the neighborhood got a lot of exposure during the run-up to the decision.

Some of the factors that had been perceived as weighing down long-term development prospects in Washington Park, such as the Robert Taylor Homes, a notorious high rise public housing development, are past issues. The development was torn down as part of an ongoing project to transform public housing in Chicago as mixed income communities.

Regarding the future, see Washington Park's 2009 Quality-of-Life Plan.


Population (2010) 12,409 down 12% from 2000
Racial/ethnic makeup 96% African American  


Total occupied units (2010) 4,085 down 13% since 2000
Owner occupied units (2010) 491 up 2% since 2000


Median household income (2010)


up 23% from 2000
Percentage above $50,000 19% 11% above $75,000
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